For more information on the requirements, testing, and removal of lead per the new EPA lead renovation requirements effective April 22, 2010, please call our office at 916-231-0090 or click the logo for a link to the EPA website.
Lead Paint as a Health Hazard
Lead was used in paint to make the paint more durable and to last longer. In the United States 1.7 million children (one out of every 11 children) have blood-lead levels above safe limits, mostly due to exposure to lead-based paint hazards at home. How does this happen? People can get lead in their bodies by ingesting material containing lead or even by absorbing lead dust through their skin. For children, who are prone to putting things in their mouths, the hazards are everywhere - window sills, doors, stairs, railing, porches and fences. Lead dust is barely visible and can get on almost anything. Children are particularly susceptible to poisoning because their bodies absorb more lead than adults and their brains and nervous systems are more sensitive to the damaging effects of lead.

Lead Paint as a Legal Issue
Beginning April 22nd, all contractors who work in a residential home must be Lead Safe Certified by the EPA and use precautionary measures to protect you and the building from lead contamination.  We are an EPA lead certified firm.  Please call our office at 1-888-422-2836 for more information.
Laws surrounding lead-based paint have been passed that affect all real estate transactions, including sales and leasing. Title X (the Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act of 1992 and effective on all real estate transactions that take place on or after December 6, 1996), is considered to be the most comprehensive and significant lead poisoning prevention legislation in more than two decades. The seller or lessor of housing is now required to:

1.Disclose to the purchaser or lessee any known presence of lead-based paint including any available reports.
2.Provide the purchaser or lessee with lead hazard literature.
3.Give the purchaser a 10-day opportunity to conduct a risk assessment and/or inspection.
4.Attach specific disclosure and warning language in the sales or lease contract.

Lead Testing and Removal
Testing includes: collecting information on the age and history of the dwelling, wipe samples of suspect areas, and an overall visual inspection of potential lead hazards by a licensed, trained professional. If lead is found, there are many abatement options available such as removal, encapsulation, repair and enclosure.

Please call 1-888-422-2836 for more information, or click here to receive a free estimate.

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