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Most folks assume that when they see mold, the first step is to find out "what it is". This isn't always the best approach.  Pre-testing can be expensive, and do-it-yourself mold test kits can be very inaccurate. 

There are two times during the abatement process when testing is considered; before removal (pre-testing) and after removal (post-testing).  Pre-testing for mold will accomplish several things.  First, it will identify the types of molds that are growing.  The most common are Stachybotrys (termed "black mold"), Asperigillus, and Penicillium.  Second, it will give an idea as to how many spores there are in the air or growing on a particular material.  There are literally millions of mold spores in just a square inch of moldy drywall.  When disturbed, these spores are released into the air.  Most often, pre-testing will consist of a sample of the actual visible mold, an air sample to count spores in the air, and a baseline sample to compare the results to.

There are several reasons why or why you would not want to test for mold in your structure.  Different entities will take different approaches to the testing of mold.  For example, most insurance companies nowadays take the assumption that if they see visible mold, they know they have to get rid of it, therefore why spend the money testing.  On the other hand, for more technical situations, a qualified hygienist can detail a remediation plan that he/she sees best fit for the circumstance. 

Post-testing should always be performed.  This certifies by a third party that the mold in question has been removed properly.  It provides protection to the home or business owner, and holds the remediation contractor accountable for the quality of work they do. Although there is no law, it should always be done by a third party to avoid any conflict of interest.

The important item to remember here is, each situation will vary based on occupants, structure, cost, and other factors.  As well, because of the lack of governmental regulation among mold testers, the quality of service varies greatly across the industry.  We only use the most qualified and certified individuals in the industry.

1-888-4-Abatement can handle the testing portion for you.  We always come view the problem first before making any decisions on which way to proceed.

Mold Removal Procedures

The procedures for removing mold starts with finding the source of moisture that the mold has been able to grow on.  After the water intrusion is found and fixed, we then develop a plan to remove the mold. First, we must determine how much mold there is, or more clearly, how far the mold has spread.  This will guide us to size of area that we must contain, to avoid cross contamination.  We then decide what needs to be taken out, what can be cleaned, and what must be disposed of.  Personal and/or business belongings that can be cleaned and restored are itemized, evaluated and removed in a manner which eliminates cross- and recontamination. Together, we will inform you of every option and procedure before we start your project. Many projects are very straight forward, however most jobs have their own characteristics that require careful planning and analyzation, such as who is occupying the building, what materials are the molds growing on, what does the workspace consist of, what types of molds are growing, etc.

Our environmental service efficiently eradicates mold from microbe contaminated interior and exterior structures such as walls, ceilings, floors, attics and HVAC systems. A team of professionals will develop a remediation plan detailing the protocol and scope of remediation, which we will follow until a air clearance is achieved. An air clearance will declare the space free of mold for that given time.

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