We have a proven track record in the proper abatement of asbestos-containing materials, while keeping our workers safe with exceptionally low experience modification rates (EMR) and OSHA incident rates to back up our work and our commitment to health and safety on the job.  In partially occupied buildings, we perform our services while assuring the safety of other building occupants.

Choosing an abatement contractor can be a daunting task due to the fact that it is not a service most people use on a regular basis.  We don't claim to be the only abatement contractor that does quality work.  However we will put our service up against any competitor out there, and you can choose who is right for you:  We offer:

24 hour estimates after seeing project
Excellent communication and friendly service throughout all stages
Unsurpassed experience in the field of abatement
The ability to handle very large projects AND very small projects
The best prices in the industry
We give back to the community we work in

All projects are different, and we will discuss the best options with you.  An example abatement and cleanup procedure will include:

  • Comprehensive structure and content damage assessment
  • Abatement teams record the extent of the contamination to develop a remediation plan. Lab tests are taken whenever   necessary
  • Set up containment .  Once isolated, health threats are reduced as contaminants will not further spread to clean areas
  • Air scrubbing/negative air achieved in containment
  • Wet-wiping and Hepa vaccing
  • Anti-microbial treatments for Bio Clean-Up/Encapsulant
  • High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) vacuuming for final   cleanup of abatement areas after all materials have been  decontaminated and dried
  • Discarding materials and furnishings that are contaminated with hazardous materials at EPA approved landfills

Having A Professional Makes All The Difference.
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